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The Asia-Northwest Cultural Education Association (ANCEA) is a registered non-profit corporation. Every year, ANCEA participates in various cultural and educational events. Sakura-Con is ANCEA's main event and realization of the ANCEA mission to educate about Asian Culture, with a focus on Japanese Animation, Comics, Gaming and Cultural Arts.

Sakura-Con is the oldest and most well-attended anime convention in the Pacific Northwest. Sakura-Con features cultural exploration and education through traditional and contemporary media, arts and entertainment. Sakura-Con includes: musical performances, Guest of Honor participation, discussion panels, games, contests (costumes and skit performances), theaters, traditional Asian arts and an exhibitors' hall for the sale of Anime related merchandise by third party vendors.

ANCEA is a membership-based all-volunteer organization. The controlling administrative body for ANCEA (and thus Sakura-Con) is an Executive Board that's main function is to put on the main ANCEA event, Sakura-Con, and to generally steward the ANCEA mission.

The Executive Board is democratically elected by the voting membership (volunteer staff) after first being nominated by the general member pool (Sakura-Con attendee members and volunteer staff). No member of ANCEA or staffer of Sakura-Con is paid for their participation as per the organization's Bylaws.

Sakura-Con attendee members are encouraged to become more fully involved and are invited to attend all General ANCEA/Sakura-Con meetings and to consider joining the volunteer staff. They are also encouraged to attend "Team Sakura" events which include listings of local Asian Cultural events.

Secondary ANCEA events have included various tables, appearances and productions at local arts and cultural festivals including: the Seattle International Children's Festival , Aki Matsuri in Bellevue Washington, Densho's Sushi Sake Fest and at the Seattle Public Library Annual Staff Day. Additional members events have included a Hong Kong Film night, Japan Day with the Seattle Mariners and discounts at local events such as the Seattle Symphony's Final Fantasy series.

ANCEA and Sakura-Con are regularly recognized by national, state and local officials. Examples include: The Japanese Consulate General in Seattle, who regularly speaks at Sakura-Con's Opening Ceremonies, Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. In 2009 Mayor Nickels proclaimed April 9th to be "Sakura-Con Day" in the City of Seattle.

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